The Website www.the-explorer.gr (hereinafter the “Website”) constitutes the online presence and the e-shop of the company N. SKANAVIS & CO GENERAL PARTNERSHIP with the distinctive title The Explorer, which is seated in Glyfada Attica, 2A Esperidon Square & A. Metaxa Street (hereinafter the “Company”) and it has the purpose to provide information for its products and services, the electronic commerce and the enhancement of its advertising and promotion.

The present Terms of Use determine and govern the Website’s use and the transactions being realized through it. For this reason, you are kindly requested to carefully read and to make certain that you agree with them before you use the Website and our e-shop. If you disagree with the content of the present Terms, you should not begin to use the Website and you should abstain from any transaction with our e-ship. Otherwise, any kind of use of the Website, like indicatively registering to the newsletters, ordering products, and even simply browsing on this is considered as acceptance on your part of the Terms of Use.

The company reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use freely and at any time, without the prior relative notification of the users or the customers and it is for this reason that you are kindly requested to regularly check the present page’s content.


The Company is making every possible effort with respect to the quality, the completeness and the validity of the information set forth on the e-shop, without prejudice to any eventual unforeseen or unintentional technical or typographical errors and in general reasons of force majeure and factors outside its sphere of control, and indicatively such reasons may be technical problems, such as internet interruption or overload, not sending or accepting messages due to lack of space available, etc.

The Company is not liable for and is not bound by any eventual errors in characteristics and photographs of the products and it reserves the right at any time to correct any eventual inadvertent errors or inaccuracies. Moreover, given the particularities of the presentation and the display of the products on the internet, it is possible that their image on the Website is slightly different as to the colors, the fabrics and the size from the actual appearance.


The use of the Website and of the e-shop must be realized exclusively for legal purposes and in a manner that does not restrict or hamper its use by third parties. You are therefore obliged to act pursuant to the law, good faith, the principles of morality and common practice and to abstain from any act or omission that may eventually cause damage or malfunction to the e-shop or that may alter its content.

You may use the present Website and proceed to a purchase on our e-shop as a visitor, only by filling in the necessary information for the processing of your order. However, you have the ability to create your personal account and to register as a user / member, in order to realize your purchases more easily and to track your order history. The correctness and the accuracy of the information that you register is your responsibility, therefore you are kindly requested to be careful while filling this out.

The Company may contact you at the email address or the mobile telephone that you have stated, with respect to any issue relative to your order, such as the payment or the change / return of the products.


V.A.T. is included in the e-shop’s prices, but not any eventual shipping or cash on delivery costs.

The Company has the right to change the prices of the merchandises at any time, always within the framework of the applicable legislation, without prior notice to you. Therefore, it is possible that differences are observed between the prices of the e-shop’s products and the prices the same products being sold in the store, for instance by the creation of online sales and offers, solely for the e-shop’s products, without respectively changing the prices of the products being sold in the physical store. During sales periods, the prices of the products that are available on the e-shop are not different, but they follow the store’s pricing policy.

The changes of goods prices do not affect orders that have already been realized.


In order to complete you order, you have following payment possibilities:

- By credit / debit card (Visa, Master, Amex, Diners).

You can repay in one lump sum or by charging interest free instalments with Visa & Mastercard.

Specifically, the customer can benefit from the following interest free instalment plan, according to the following scale:

For a total value of an electronic order from 200.01 € up to 500.00 € there is a possibility of repayment by up to 3 interest free instalments.

For a total value of an electronic order of more than 500.01 € there is a possibility for repayment by up to 6 interest free instalments.

- By a bank deposit to the following accounts (only for shipping within Greece):



IBAN: GR1102600310000360200119713




IBAN: GR18 0140 1220 1220 0200 2008 869


and by sending the voucher for the deposit at the email [email protected].

- By cash on delivery, by paying the product’s or products’ value to the courier employee (solely for shipping within Greece). The cash on delivery cost for orders up to 499 € is 2.00 €. For orders exceeding 499 €, the amount should be pre-paid by one of the other methods of payment.

- By PayPal.

As soon as we receive your request, a message is sent to the email address that you have stated for the confirmation of your order, which includes all the order’s information (order number, products, quantity, price, pricing information, shipping address, etc.). All the requests for orders are received by us subject to the check for the availability of the products.

-Apple Pay / Google Pay


The Company is taking all the necessary measures for the security of your data. When the customer is selecting to pay by a card, the customer is automatically redirected to Eurobank’s payment page (Cardlink platform). The transaction is carried through by the bank, without there being any access to the customer’s card information. The Company does not have access to your banking data and it does not store information relative to the bank or your credit / debit card.


Without prejudice to the products’ availability, the orders that have been realized electronically are prepared and shipped from our store on the same day, with the exception of purchases that are realized after 15:00, which are sent on the next working day.

For purchases within Greece, the shipping of the products is realized by Geniki Taxydromiki, Speedex Courier & BOX NOW, within 1 – 3 working days if it is realized to prefectures’ capitals and within 2 – 5 working days for the other regions of the country. The shipping costs are 3 € (three Euros), except for orders exceeding 80 € (eighty Euros), which are free of charge.

For purchases outside Greece, the shipping of products is realized in cooperation with the company Speedex Courier & DHL. For shipping to Cyprus, the shipping costs amount to 10.00 € by standard shipping and to 20 € for express shipping. For shipping to Europe, the shipping costs amount to 20 € Euros. Finally, for shipping to any other country, the customer is informed for the shipping costs following a telephone communication.

In case of a problem or a significant delay of your order, we shall inform you in this respect (i.e. for any eventual change of the delivery date), either by telephone or by sending an email, by providing at the same time to you the possibility to modify your order or to cancel it with full refund.


You have the right to withdraw from the purchase that you realized from our e-shop within 15 days from the date of the products delivery. In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, a relative printed form shall be sent to you, which you should fill in and send to us along with the products that you wish to return.

You have the possibility to return your entire order (total withdrawal), in which case you shall have a full refund of your purchase or you can return part of the order, to wit a certain product or certain of the products that you purchased, in which case the respective amount for these products shall be refunded to you.

In the event of return, you undertake the obligation that the product or the products that you wish to return are in the exact same state as you received them. Products returns are accepted solely if these have not been used, they have not been altered and they have not been subjected to any processing, modification or wear, like indicatively washing, ripping, etc.) and if the tag indicating the product’s information and containing the relative barcode is not missing.

Underwear returns are not accepted, except in the event that the product sold is defective. Moreover, the withdrawal or the return of discount products is not possible, solely the change with another product, except if the product sold is defective.

The shipping costs are borne by you in the event of the return, except for the case when the return is requested due to a product defect, which existed upon its delivery to you. In the event that the above are not observed, the package’s return shall not be accepted.

If the products’ return is accepted, the Company shall immediately, and in any case within 14 working days, refund the respective amount to the bank account that you shall state in the withdrawal form. The return includes the total amount that you gave in your initial order (the products’ cost, as well as the transportation costs, if there were any). In the event that upon the return of the package you state a consignee’s charge, then the specific transportation costs shall be deducted from the amount to be refunded, since, as we mentioned above, the shipping costs are borne by the customer in the event of the return. A refund applies solely for the company’s e-shop and it does not regard cases of gifts and gift vouchers.


Moreover, you have the possibility, within 15 days from the date of your order’s delivery, to request a change of one or more of the products that you purchased, by sending a relative email to us at the address [email protected] or / and by subsequently filling in the form that is contained in the order’s package and by sending the package back to us.

Underwear changes are not accepted, except solely in the event that the product sold is defective.

The products’ changes are realized on the basis of the prices applicable from time to time on the date of the change.

In the event that you change a product with another of a lower value, the difference is credited and it may be used in future purchases.

For the product’s change you are not borne with the transportation costs, if it is the first change that you are realizing and if you use Geniki Taxydromiki & Speedex Courier for shipping the product.

You can also keep the amount of your change as credit for a future purchase. When the change has been processed, you shall receive a code for the entire value of the items that were returned. This code shall be able to be used in your next order from www.the-explorer.gr. Changes with a credit code can be used within one year, consequently the code is deactivated. It may be used only once in a future order, which shall be of the same or greater value than that of the credit. It cannot be combined with other coupons and it does not apply to discounted products.


The Website’s entire content, which indicatively and not restrictively includes the trademarks, the product names, the logos, the domain names, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, videos, etc., constitutes the Company’s intellectual and industrial property and it is protected pursuant to the relative provisions of the Greek law, the European law and the international contracts and treaties.

The use, copy, falsification, analog / digital recording, reproduction, distribution, transfer, processing for any reason and in any manner of part of or of the entire content of the Website is prohibited without the Company’s written consent, except for the case of strictly personal use.

* For any clarification with respect to the present Terms of Use or for any issue with respect to the use of the Website and the e-shop, you can contact us at the email [email protected] and at the telephone number +30 210 8944883 (Monday to Friday 09.30 – 17.00).

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